The Enfıeld Hauntıng: Real Paranormal Events and Controversies-1982

The Enfıeld Hauntıng: Real Paranormal Events and Controversies-1982

In 1982, strange and terrifying events were claimed to have occurred in a house known as the Enfield Haunting, located in the Enfield area of England. Peggy Hodgson and her four children claimed to have witnessed paranormal activities in this house.

Enfield event

Janet Hodgson, one of the children, allegedly began levitating and speaking in a mysterious voice after falling asleep in her bedroom. In addition to this event, it was claimed that objects moved on their own, children were lifted off the ground, and they were sometimes pushed by an invisible entity. The family also reported witnessing objects spontaneously moving and occasionally disappearing in their home.

Numerous paranormal experts and eyewitnesses conducted investigations at the Enfield Haunting. While some believed that there were paranormal phenomena such as poltergeist activity or spirit communication in the house, others claimed that the events were fabricated.

The Enfield Haunting continues to be an intriguing subject for many individuals who maintain an interest in paranormal phenomena. It is considered a milestone in paranormal research and investigations and remains a topic of debate today.

The paranormal events at the Enfield Murder House sparked significant interest among the media and researchers. Several television programs and documentaries investigated and aired recordings of these incidents. Organizations such as the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) were tasked with examining these events.

Researchers delved into the events by conducting interviews with witnesses, analyzing audio recordings, and capturing photographs during the incidents. Many observed that the children’s behaviors went beyond the norm, with peculiar sounds heard on the walls and ceilings. Some even witnessed the children defying gravity with their movements.

One of the most notable incidents at the Enfield Murder House was the photographing of Janet’s body levitating while researchers were examining the room. These photographs were used to support the authenticity of the events, although skeptics claimed them to be fake.

Following the incidents, the paranormal activities in the house gradually subsided, leading the Hodgson family to abandon the property in the late 1980s. The Enfield Murder House continues to be regarded as a paranormal phenomenon by many.

The paranormal events at the Enfield Murder House remain an unsolved and controversial occurrence. While some accept it as genuine paranormal activity, others argue it was a hoax. Nevertheless, this incident continues to be an intriguing subject for paranormal research and enthusiasts.

Note: Regarding its authenticity, some people completely dismiss these events as hoaxes. Evidence relating to paranormal incidents has always been controversial, and opinions and beliefs vary among individuals.

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